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Galvanised Steel Water Tank Cover
Galvanised Steel Water Tank Cover

The galvanised steel tank cover is specifically

designed for Evenproducts tanks.

The cover is available in all tank sizes up to 14.63 metres (48′) and is supplied complete with securing straps, central pole, two access hatches and a ball valve bracket. Using a central hub connected by a purlin structure, the steel cover is extremely strong.

The galvanised steel water tank cover prevents the growth of algae, stops evaporation and acts as a barrier to rainwater and wind-borne debris while keeping the water cool and fresh. Designed to withstand UK wind and snow loadings this cover is extremely strong and looks aesthetically very pleasing. Each cover is designed around the corresponding steel water storage tank.

Optional accessories include the tank enclosure to protect all supply pipework and a ladder complete with a top platform and handrail– both are ideal for industrial applications.

  • Very Strong
  • Very Secure – access hatches are bolted down
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents algae growth and wind-borne debris entering the water
Evenproducts Steel Cover Structure?

Evenproducts Steel Cover Structure

Evenproducts Steel Cover?

Evenproducts Steel Cover

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