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Anti Algae Tank Cover
Anti Algae Tank Cover

The Evenproducts woven polypropylene Anti Algae cover is

designed to cover and overlap the top edge of the tank

The woven Anti Algae polypropylene material offers excellent UV protection preventing Algae growth, prevents wind-borne debris entering the water and allows rainwater to permeate through.

The Anti Algae Tank Cover includes a ball valve flap, which allows access for the supply as well as access for sampling the water. All covers are designed for the Evenproducts water storage tank range.

  • Very strong
  • Easy to install
  • Prevents algae growth and wind-borne debris entering the water
Properties Typical Value
Weight g/m2 220
Construction threads/10cm warp/weft 90/68
Breaking load Kn/m MD 34
Breaking load Kn/m CD 30
Elongation % MD 25
Elongation %CD 15
Water permeability L/sec/m² 35
UV stability UK approx 80-90Kly /annum 500



Anti Algae Cover
Evenproducts Anti Algae Cover?

Evenproducts Anti Algae Cover

Anti Algae Tank Cover?

Anti Algae Tank Cover

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