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Evenproducts' tank liners vs

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Evenproducts supplies a number of different fabricated liners dependent on application and customer’s preference. Your tank liner is an integral part of your water tank system. Spending time choosing your liner is always time well spent.

Understanding your application and requirements makes choosing your liner a straightforward task. We supply EPDM, FPP and PVC amongst others, also in varying thicknesses.

EPDM liners can be supplied with the Evenproducts capping system, which is supplied in two parts;

  • The first capping protects the liner from the top of the steel
  • The second is installed after the liner and securely fits on top of the first capping giving additional protection to the liner

FPP and PVC are supplied with bottom capping and a ratchet system to secure the liner to the top of the tank.

Quick and Easy On-Site Erection Time

Evenproducts’ tank liners arrive on site ready to install. Evenproducts’ liners are preferred by customers and installers because they are quick and easy to install, without the need for lengthy specialist surface preparation and curing time that can be required with alternative tank water seal methods.

No Specialist Steel Surface Preparation

Evenproducts’ tank liners are largely independent of the tank’s steel structure, and therefore the tank steel does not require specialised surface treatment by skilled personnel on site before their installation.

Effects of Heat

Even without earthquakes tanks can be subject to small forces on their structure – for example; heat. Customers and installers usually prefer to use Evenproducts’ liners with the corrugated, bolted design of tank because they allow for this natural movement without affecting the overall tank’s water seal. Evenproducts’ liners are independent of the tank and are not stressed due to differences in coefficient of expansions between liner and tank.

Evenproducts’ Tank Water Seal Integrity and Maintenance

The excellent quality controls employed in the manufacture of Evenproducts’ liners ensures that liner fabric and seams are fault-free and water-tight before leaving the factory. This means that, when the Evenproducts’ tank liner arrives on site, installers have the peace of mind that the tank water seal will be good.

If occasionally, liners are damaged during use then this is easy to locate and repair.

Evenproducts has supplied tank liners that have been in service for well over 25 years, however, at some point, a tank liner may need replacing. To do this, simply drain down the tank and replace the liner. Alternative methods of tank water sealing, such as mastic-sealed joints, may require tank disassembly, thorough cleaning of all joints, resealing and replacement of fixings before the tank can be put back into use.

Transport and Storage of Adhesives

Adhesives can be subject to special storage conditions prior to use, for example, temperature limitations on shelf life. Using a pre-fabricated tank liner means that this type of additional hassle and cost is not incurred.

Tank Water Seal at Base

When using an Evenproducts’ liner, the seal between the steel and the concrete base is not a concern for water sealing. The tank steel structure can be installed straight on top of the concrete base with no additional sealing requirement.

Evenproducts liner
Team of people assembling the lining?

Team of people assembling the lining

Liner assembled, tank being filled with water?

Liner assembled, tank being filled with water

Steel Water Tanks Applications

Regularly used in a great variety of sectors, we will have an experienced specialist in your sector to help you.

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Tank Sizes

This guide shows the smallest and largest sizes of our standard range, plus a small selection of those in between.


6ft x 5ft

881 gallons


1.83 x 1.51

4.00 m3

6ft x 5ft (1.83 x 1.51 metric)

Holds 881 gallons or 4.00 m³


12ft x 7.5ft

5,285 gallons


3.66 x 2.29

24.02 m3

12ft x 7.5ft (3.66 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 5,285 gallons or 24.02 m3 meters


21ft x 2.5ft

5,395 gallons


6.40 x 0.76

24.52 m3

21ft x 2.5ft (6.40 x 0.76 metric)

Holds 5,395 gallons or 24.52m3 meters


33ft x 15ft

79,935 gallons


10.06 x 4.57

363.34 m3

33ft x 1.5ft (10.06 x 4.57 metric)

Holds 79,935 gallons or 363.34 m3 meters


42ft x 10ft

86,321 gallons


12.80 x 3.05

392.37 m3

42ft x 10ft (12.80 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 86,321 gallons or 392.37 m3 meters


51ft x 12.5ft

159,099 gallons


15.54 x 3.81


51ft x 12.5ft (15.54 x 3.81 metric)

Holds 159,099 gallons or 723.18 m3 meters


60ft x 5ft

88,082 gallons


18.29 x 1.52

400.37 m3

60ft x 5ft (18.29 x 1.52 metric)

Holds 88,082 gallons or 400.37 m3 meters


96ft x 10ft

450,982 gallons


29.26 x 3.05

2049.29 m3

96ft x 10ft (29.26 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 450,982 gallons or 2049.29 m3 meters


114 x 7.5ft

476,966 gallons


35 x x 2.29

2168.03 m3

114 x 7.5ft (35 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 476,966 gallons or 2168.03 m3 meters

Covers, Liners and Accessories

Purpose-built, high quality items to complete your water storage system.

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