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Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting

A good rainwater harvesting system can provide an independent

water supply, supplying many industries and applications

Can provide water in areas of drought and help mitigate flooding on sites that may be low lying

Evenproducts water storage tanks can be used for rainwater harvesting which can then be used for applications such as cooling systems, toilet flushing, livestock and even small crop irrigation.

The need to save water, save money and save the environment has seen the rainwater harvesting industry develop rapidly in recent years. Rainwater harvesting is the capture and re-use of rainfall. It is an alternative to public mains water in non-potable applications. Such as WC’s, irrigation systems, laundries, vehicle washing, sprinkler systems and other uses for where the water isn’t used for drinking or ingested.

So why install rainwater harvesting? There are many reasons; rising utility bills, meeting sustainability targets and reducing running costs are just three incentives for investing in rainwater harvesting. A detailed approach is absolutely necessary for any rainwater harvesting system. Taking into account all the variables, such as amount and intensity of rainfall, the size and type of roof or collection surface; and the number and type of intended applications. The design should also take into account flow rates, peak demand periods, yield and demand, and suitable filtration levels to maintain a clean and clear rainwater supply.

The collection surface has a significant impact. For example, a green roof absorbs water, resulting in less runoff and more discolouration than other roof types. The use of symphonic drainage can be an effective method of collecting the maximum amount of available rainwater but will affect the system due to high flow rates. care needs to be taken to ensure the water cannot stagnate, so the system, including the roof, guttering and pipework should be free draining and prevent contaminated water from entering the system.

With governments and local authorities placing green and eco-friendly applications at the top of their agendas, financial support from grants may be found. Truly making ‚”gain from rain” a reality.



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