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Humanitarian Aid

Decades of working with WASH organisations has given us a deep

understanding of the challenges they face and the products they need.

Evenproducts is an established and trusted partner for charities and NGOs the world over, supplying a variety of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) equipment to both long-term development projects and humanitarian response operations.

We understand the importance of secure water storage and distribution in humanitarian aid and continue to develop our products based on feedback from our partners’ WASH engineering teams.

As one of the British Government’s chosen partners in DFID’s Rapid Response Facility, we have provided steel water tanks (Oxfam Tanks), bladder and onion tanks, water taps and water tapstands in response to a variety of emergency humanitarian aid situations, for both natural disasters and conflict environments.

In addition to our water storage products. We supply a variety of emergency sanitation equipment including squatting plates (latrine slabs), latrines, raised latrines and pit liners. Our cost-effective, easy to assemble products are designed to be quick to produce, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. We continue to develop a number of add-on accessories including latrine seats, urine separators, handrails and hand wash stations. If you need a solution that is not yet in the marketplace, please let us know. Our research and development team would be more than happy to help.

Our water storage tanks can also be used in aid development. In conjunction with our irrigation solutions, we can provide water security for many horticultural applications. These can also be used alongside rainwater harvesting systems, ensuring that any rainfall is not wasted.

As a global supplier, we can export to all destinations and use multiple currencies. We also have a production and packing team with many years of experience. If you have specific requirements for your shipment, the team would be more than happy to help.

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Evenproducts Oxfam Tank

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Evenproducts Tapstands, Taps and Tool Kits

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Evenproducts Latrines and Squatting Plates

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