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Golf and Leisure
Golf and Leisure

Majority of Golf Courses and Sport pitches use irrigation on turf,

invariably using public water subject to escalating costs

For many operators in the golf & leisure sector, utilising steel water storage tanks assists in reducing financial overheads.

To help to reduce these costs water catchment means are often explored by utilising groundwater abstraction and rainwater harvesting. Evenproducts water storage tanks are the perfect solution for applications in the golf and leisure sector. With water storage tank capacities from 6 to 2000m3. We have the perfect solution for the golf and leisure operator, whether you are a small municipal pitch and putt or a large professional championship course. Tanks can be designed in various physical sizes to blend in around the course. This also ensures the correct amount of water is available to the right part of the course when needed. Water storage tanks can also be powder coated. This helps with planning applications and for the tank(s) to blend into the course. Powder coating also protects in more challenging environments such as links courses, where salt corrosion may occur.

Our modular design enables creativity when space is a premium, they can be assembled to suit their environment, see image right, Golf Course Irrigation. Sporting stadiums can install tanks under the terrace where roof space is limited, our simple build kits allow for low height, wide structure and medium volume storage. This is of particular advantage to older urban stadia where space is at a premium.

All our tanks up to 48′ (14.63m) can be fitted with industry renowned Evenproducts roof. This can also be powder coated to your specification. Paired with the tank pipe enclosure, this provides effective security for the supply. Witches hats can also be provided for the liner. This allows for the outlet to go straight from underneath of the tank, again giving additional supply security.

Please note: A high percentage of mains water systems will by law require water storage tanks separated from the incoming water supply.

Evenproducts Golf Leisure
Evenproducts Golf Course Irrigation?

Evenproducts Golf Course Irrigation

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Evenproducts Sports and Leisure Field Irrigation

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