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Evenproducts Dust Suppression Tank
Dust Suppression

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Dust Suppression

Having a robust and portable dust suppression system is a must for equestrian, mining, steel, petroleum, cement and aggregate industries.

Evenproducts tanks can be deployed around sites for dust suppression. Quarries and construction sites are dusty places, especially in the summer and extended dry periods. Much of this dust is on the ground. And when dry, it can be thrown up into the air by trucks and other vehicles. Once the dust is in the air it is very hard to control. One of the simplest ways of controlling it is to stop it from getting into the air. Where there is regular traffic, this can be done with simple roadway water sprayers and wheel washers. The smaller dust particles, which can get deeper into the lungs and cause more damage, will remain in the air for the longest time.

A dusty horse arena is unpleasant for riders, trainers and spectators alike, and it’s not great for neighbour relations, either. Not only that, but frequent exposure to dust may pose significant health risks for you and your horse. As well as compromise his performance. Dust consists of fine particles that become airborne. The particles can be clay, silt, pulverised sand or organics – any substance that’s small enough for air to suspend it. Of course, knowing what dust is doesn’t necessarily tell you where it’s coming from, and a lot of misconceptions exist about what actually creates it.

Evenproducts water storage tanks can be moved as areas develop, supplying water to spray manifolds, foam generators, and yard and control spray systems. The modular nature of the Evenproducts tanks enables tanks to erected and taken down quickly. Tank systems can be packed export ready for any project.

Installing a reliable water storage tank can help ensure compliance with local legislation whilst reducing health and safety issues and increasing equipment performance and reliability

Evenproducts Dust Suppression Tank

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