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Evenproducts Applications

Great variety in the regular uses of our steel tanks means we

almost certainly have a specialist in your industry to help you

From a bright orange tank for a brief Dutch leisure event to water storage for underground shelters, our tanks have been used for some unusual applications.

We have worked on many unusual tank applications for our customers over the years. These have included being used for underwater filming, saltwater testing and even as an aviary. When it comes to unusual applications the more detail you can supply to us, the better. This helps us determine whether our tanks are suitable for your project. We will always try and find a solution if it’s available to us.

We can offer a full range of powder coating options using the RAL colour system. Powder coating your tank can give a number of added benefits. You may be asked to use a specific colour dependent on planning restrictions or to blend in with the local environment. Or, powder coating your tank will help protect in more harsh and challenging environments, such as coastal locations. For additional benefits, both sides of each tank panel can be coated. Our steel roofs and tank pipe enclosures can also be coated to your requirements. Please contact us if you have any colour specific requirements.

Don’t forget we supply tanks for our more traditional applications. Such as irrigation, humanitarian aid, golf and leisure and dust suppression. Where we’ve got a wealth of experience and we’d be more than happy to advise on any of your projects.

All of the sectors and applications below make frequent use of our steel water storage tanks. As a result, however, you are thinking of using a steel water tank, we will almost certainly have someone in-house, within our network, or both, who has the relevant experience to help.

All of our tanks can be packed ready for export-dependent on your requirements.

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Evenproducts Applications

Steel Water Tanks Applications

Regularly used in a great variety of sectors, we will have an experienced specialist in your sector to help you.

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Tank Sizes

This guide shows the smallest and largest sizes of our standard range, plus a small selection of those in between.


6ft x 5ft

881 gallons


1.83 x 1.51

4.00 m3

6ft x 5ft (1.83 x 1.51 metric)

Holds 881 gallons or 4.00 m³


12ft x 7.5ft

5,285 gallons


3.66 x 2.29

24.02 m3

12ft x 7.5ft (3.66 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 5,285 gallons or 24.02 m3 meters


21ft x 2.5ft

5,395 gallons


6.40 x 0.76

24.52 m3

21ft x 2.5ft (6.40 x 0.76 metric)

Holds 5,395 gallons or 24.52m3 meters


33ft x 15ft

79,935 gallons


10.06 x 4.57

363.34 m3

33ft x 1.5ft (10.06 x 4.57 metric)

Holds 79,935 gallons or 363.34 m3 meters


42ft x 10ft

86,321 gallons


12.80 x 3.05

392.37 m3

42ft x 10ft (12.80 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 86,321 gallons or 392.37 m3 meters


51ft x 12.5ft

159,099 gallons


15.54 x 3.81


51ft x 12.5ft (15.54 x 3.81 metric)

Holds 159,099 gallons or 723.18 m3 meters


60ft x 5ft

88,082 gallons


18.29 x 1.52

400.37 m3

60ft x 5ft (18.29 x 1.52 metric)

Holds 88,082 gallons or 400.37 m3 meters


96ft x 10ft

450,982 gallons


29.26 x 3.05

2049.29 m3

96ft x 10ft (29.26 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 450,982 gallons or 2049.29 m3 meters


114 x 7.5ft

476,966 gallons


35 x x 2.29

2168.03 m3

114 x 7.5ft (35 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 476,966 gallons or 2168.03 m3 meters

Covers, Liners and Accessories

Purpose-built, high quality items to complete your water storage system.

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We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

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