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Evenproducts Accessories

We provide a range of accessories to go

with your Water Storage solutions

Ball Valves

High pressure ball float valves from ½” to 2” bore, designed to be used with copper floats and drop arms. Used for inlet of water to the tank. Brass construction.

Copper Floats

Copper floats used in conjunction with high pressure ball valves, fully copper construction, available from 4.5” to 12” diameter.

Ball Valve Brackets

A full range of brackets for securing High pressure ball valve to the tank, available in sizes ½” to 2” bore. Made from galvanised steel.

Tank Enclosures

Pipe feed enclosures are designed for fixing vertically to the side of Evenproducts tanks to enclose pipe work entering the tank via a roof or cover. Also pipes can be lagged to in the enclosures for frost protection. The space inside the enclosure can accommodate up to 2 x 63mm pipework. This product also helps with tampering of the pipe work as fully enclosed

Protective Fleece

Geotextiles woven protective fleece is designed to reduce the wear of the liner against the side wall of the steel tank against damage and also can be used on the base for protection. Comes as standard 250mg per m2.


The Manway is a side entry hatch, designed for access to inspect and clean the internal of the tank, with a diameter of 600mm made from galvanised steel.

Manometer (Tank Gauge)

The Manometer is a battery operated depth meter. The meter converts the pressure of the water in the tank in to volumes in m3/litres. Each meter is calculated to each tank size. Each meter comes with full fixing kit.

Ladder, Platform and Handrail

Eveproducts specifically designed a ladder for access and inspection to the top of the tank. This is connected to the outside wall of the tank and come with platform and handrail for safety in mind. This can be fitted to any on the Evenproducts tanks that have an Evenproducts galvanised steel roof. Ladder and accessories are made from galvanised steel and aluminium.

Gate Valves

Bras bodied gate vales are used in conjunction with the Evenproducts outlets (2-4”) the valve are female BSP tread and are perfect for isolation inlets/outlets.

Slide Valves

Butterfly and Sluice valves designed for isolating the larger outlets (4-12”) and have a PN16 bolted flange connection.


Pumps and water work together. For filling or dispensing water from a storage tank. A full specification of pumps required can be supplied on request.


There are many types of filters available to help the purification of water entering and discharging from a water storage tank. Evenproducts has a selection of filters to suit all needs, full information on request.


Evenproducts have specifically designed outlets for most applications. We have a range of outlets from 1” to 12”. Also the outlet come in different materials, PVC, Reinforced nylon, which a WRAS approved, stainless steel outlets for drinking water use and our in house manufactured galvanised steel outlets

Liner Repair Kits

We stock a full range of repair kits across all liner types and specification.


Evenproducts Copper Float and Ball Valve?

Evenproducts Copper Float and Ball Valve

Evenproducts Tank Enclosure?

Evenproducts Tank Enclosure

Evenproducts Manway?

Evenproducts Manway

Evenproducts Manometer Tank Gauge?

Evenproducts Manometer Tank Gauge

Evenproducts Ladder, Platform and Handrail?

Evenproducts Ladder, Platform and Handrail

Evenproducts Gate Valve?

Evenproducts Gate Valve

Evenproducts Side Valve and Filter?

Evenproducts Side Valve and Filter

Evenproducts Outlet?

Evenproducts Outlet

Steel Water Tanks Applications

Regularly used in a great variety of sectors, we will have an experienced specialist in your sector to help you.

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Tank Sizes

This guide shows the smallest and largest sizes of our standard range, plus a small selection of those in between.


6ft x 5ft

881 gallons


1.83 x 1.51

4.00 m3

6ft x 5ft (1.83 x 1.51 metric)

Holds 881 gallons or 4.00 m³


12ft x 7.5ft

5,285 gallons


3.66 x 2.29

24.02 m3

12ft x 7.5ft (3.66 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 5,285 gallons or 24.02 m3 meters


21ft x 2.5ft

5,395 gallons


6.40 x 0.76

24.52 m3

21ft x 2.5ft (6.40 x 0.76 metric)

Holds 5,395 gallons or 24.52m3 meters


33ft x 15ft

79,935 gallons


10.06 x 4.57

363.34 m3

33ft x 1.5ft (10.06 x 4.57 metric)

Holds 79,935 gallons or 363.34 m3 meters


42ft x 10ft

86,321 gallons


12.80 x 3.05

392.37 m3

42ft x 10ft (12.80 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 86,321 gallons or 392.37 m3 meters


51ft x 12.5ft

159,099 gallons


15.54 x 3.81


51ft x 12.5ft (15.54 x 3.81 metric)

Holds 159,099 gallons or 723.18 m3 meters


60ft x 5ft

88,082 gallons


18.29 x 1.52

400.37 m3

60ft x 5ft (18.29 x 1.52 metric)

Holds 88,082 gallons or 400.37 m3 meters


96ft x 10ft

450,982 gallons


29.26 x 3.05

2049.29 m3

96ft x 10ft (29.26 x 3.05 metric)

Holds 450,982 gallons or 2049.29 m3 meters


114 x 7.5ft

476,966 gallons


35 x x 2.29

2168.03 m3

114 x 7.5ft (35 x 2.29 metric)

Holds 476,966 gallons or 2168.03 m3 meters

Covers, Liners and Accessories

Purpose-built, high quality items to complete your water storage system.

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