Evenproducts Reflects on a Successful September Exhibition Season

We are thrilled to reflect on our successful exhibition season in September and look ahead to two exciting upcoming events in October: Agritech Israel and Aidex in Geneva.

Four Oaks Exhibition: Celebrating Horticultural Excellence

Four Oaks Exhibition Logo

Our participation in Four Oaks, one of the UK’s top horticultural trade shows, allowed us to connect with industry professionals. At this event, we showcased our innovative water storage solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of horticulturists. From rainwater harvesting systems to irrigation tanks, we received recognition for our dedication to sustainability and resource management.
Read more here about our work in the Horticultural sector.


GroundsFest: Spotlight on Sports Turf

GroundsFest Exhibition Logo

GroundsFest, another significant event for Evenproducts in September, revolved around sports turf management. Our high-quality water storage tanks play a crucial role in maintaining pristine sports fields and golf courses. We engaged with industry experts and highlighted how our solutions contribute to the upkeep of lush, green playing surfaces.
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Turning our gaze towards October, we eagerly anticipate our participation in two global exhibitions:

Agritech Israel: Transforming Agriculture

Agritech Israel Exhibition Logo

Agritech Israel, scheduled for the 17th – 18th of October, is a premier international agriculture technology exhibition. We will present our range of water storage tanks tailored for the agricultural sector. Given the pressing issue of water scarcity, our solutions are designed to assist farmers in efficiently storing and managing their water resources.
Read more here about our work in the Agricultural sector.


Aidex in Geneva: Supporting Humanitarian Aid & Development

Aidex Exhibition Logo

In the latter half of October, Evenproducts will exhibit at Aidex in Geneva, a platform dedicated to humanitarian aid and development. Our involvement underscores our commitment to providing water storage solutions for humanitarian organizations, ensuring access to water during crisis situations.
Read more here about our humanitarian aid.



Evenproducts is proud to serve various sectors, including agriculture, horticulture, sports turf management, and humanitarian aid. Our versatile and durable water storage tanks continue to make a positive impact on industries worldwide.

For more information about Evenproducts and our innovative water storage solutions, please explore our website and follow us on our socials linked below. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on our journey to Agritech Israel and Aidex in Geneva, sharing our expertise with the global community.

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