We work in a wide range of sectors.

In each of these sectors, Evenproducts’ water storage solutions offer benefits such as efficient water management, reliability, and sustainability. By providing tanks tailored to the unique needs of each sector, Evenproducts contributes to improved productivity, environmental conservation, and overall operational success across a diverse range of industries.

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In horticulture, Evenproducts aids in maintaining optimal plant growth by providing water storage tanks for irrigation purposes. These tanks ensure consistent water availability for nurseries, greenhouses, and gardens.

For the agriculture sector, Evenproducts plays a pivotal role in enabling farmers to efficiently store and manage water for crop irrigation and livestock hydration, even in water-scarce regions.

Sports turf managers benefit from Evenproducts’ solutions as they maintain lush and playable fields with a reliable water supply for sports fields, golf courses, and recreational turf areas. We regularly attend shows such as BTME & GroundsFest so feel free to visit our stands to discuss your requirements more.

Industries rely on water for various processes, cooling systems, and other applications. Evenproducts’ water storage tanks are integral to meeting these industrial water needs efficiently.

In areas with limited access to clean drinking water, Evenproducts’ provide drinking water compliant components such as liners, outlets, pipes and fittings to help serve a dependable source of safe drinking water for remote communities, industrial facilities, and emergency situations.

Aquaculture operations rely on consistent water quality and quantity. Evenproducts’ tanks help maintain ideal conditions for fish and aquatic species.

Water storage is crucial for fire safety, and Evenproducts’ tanks can serve to mitigate fire, ensuring an immediate water source during emergencies.

Additionally, Evenproducts contributes to sustainable practices by supplying water storage tanks for biodigestor systems, aiding in the conversion of organic waste into biogas and nutrient-rich effluent.

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