Industrial steel water tanks are widely used across the construction, mining, and manufacturing sectors as well as for waste water and infrastructure projects.

Installing a reliable water storage tank can help ensure compliance with local legislation, improve equipment performance and reduce health and safety risks.

  • Bespoke welded components, large outlets, quick-release couplings and vortex inhibitors available.
  • Modular system enables water tanks to be erected and taken down quickly. 
  • Compatible with siphonic drainage and rainwater harvesting systems.
  • A wide range of water tank liners with different chemical resistance including EPDM, FPP, PVC and Butyl products.
  • Collapsible ‘bladder’ tanks available for fuel or other liquid storage.
  • Technical support available for project design and enquiries for larger reservoirs, lagoon or pond liners.
  • Water tanks for dust suppression – water to supply spray manifolds, foam generators, and yard control spray systems. 
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