The right choice of liner for your water storage is essential for ensuring the longevity of your tank.

Evenproducts supply a number of different fabricated liners depending on the application and the customer’s preference.

  • Options to suit all scenarios and budgets.
  • We regularly supply a range of EPDM, FPP, PVC and Butyl products.  
  • Drinking water tank liners available across the range.
  • Different water tank liners offer different levels of resistance to fertilisers and chemicals.  Other factors such as temperature, location and method of dosing all affect performance. 
  • Some materials are more flexible, durable and easier to install than others.
  • Different liners have different repair practices, some of which require electricity on site.
  • All liners are supplied with the appropriate tank capping kits.
  • If you need assistance in deciding which liner best suits your application, our team are on hand to support you.
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