Floating Covers

Floating covers are often the most suitable cover for the largest sizes of tank.

Evenproducts offers a range of different floating covers to suit size and application. They provide UV protection whilst allowing rainwater through.

  • Heavy-duty, large floating covers with internal PVC pipework to support flotation.  This cover is produced from woven polypropylene and is fitted with long pockets, into which light PVC tubes are inserted. The lightweight frame gives this cover a high degree of buoyancy, while simultaneously ensuring that the water surface is almost completely covered. 
  • Lightweight Geo-bubble covers with no requirement for additional flotation devices are also available for larger sizes.  The surface of the cover is covered with small, air-filled bubbles, which give the cover a high degree of buoyancy. The top layer of the cover is white, which reflects UV rays. This reduces heating of the water in areas with high levels of sunlight. 
  • Simple small-scale floating covers with no additional structure available up to 24ft are also available.  With no need for centre poles or reinforcing rings, installation is quick and straightforward.
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