Defining the correct accessories is key to ensuring the effectiveness of your water tank.

We provide a range of accessories to go with your Water Storage solutions.

Powder coating and standard galvanised finished panels

Powder Coating

  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Increases protection against the elements.
  • Allows tanks to blend into the natural scenery. 
  • Highly recommended for coastal environments or industrial settings where the atmosphere has higher salinity, chemicals or natural pollutants.
Reinforcing Ring being installed

Reinforcing Rings

  • The Evenproducts Reinforcing Ring is strongly recommended for large open tanks or when using a large Anti Algae cover. 
  • Also recommended for exposed areas.
  • Simple to install, it increases the integrity of the top ring of steel and ensures compliance with warranty.
Tank Ladder, platform and handrail kit

Heavy Duty Ladder, Platform & Handrail

  • For steel covers only.
  • For safe access and inspection on top of the tank. 
raised ball valve housing

Raised Ball Valve Housing

  • Supports compliance to air gap regulations. 
  • Simple accessory to the Evenproducts steel cover. 
  • Can be drilled at no extra cost to accept pipework of various sizes.
tank enclosure and raised ball valve housing on a water storage tank


  • Fixed vertically to the side of tanks to enclose pipe work entering the tank via a roof or cover.
  • Pipes can be lagged to the enclosures for frost protection.
  • Can accommodate up to 2 x 63mm pipework. 
  • Bespoke options available on request.
Fleece being installed

Protective Fleece

  • Geotextile woven protective fleece is available for both the side and base of the tank.
  • Increased protection for your tank liner.
  • Reduces the impact of condensation on the steel tank wall.
witches hats

Witches Hat

  • Extensions of the liner used to cover outlets.
  • Can be prefabricated into the liner (recommended).
  • Can be fitted on site.
EPDM sock

Centre Pole Socks

  • To protect the centre pole on steel covers.
  • Highly recommended when using chemicals or for drinking water projects.
Flanged Outlets


  • Outlets ranging from 1” to 12”.
  • Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, Reinforced Nylon and
    WRAS Approved options for drinking water all available.
Vortex Inhibitor

Vortex Inhibitor

  • Vortex Inhibitors are attached to outlets for instances where tanks are designed to deliver large, fast-flowing volumes of water.
  • Designed in-house.
  • Reduces risk of liner damage.
Various Gate Valves


  • A complete range of sizes and materials to suit the application.
  • Gate valves (both Brass and Heavy-Duty Cast Iron).
  • Ball valves.
  • Butterfly valves.
copper floats, ball valves and drop arms

Copper Floats

  • Used in conjunction with high pressure ball valves.
  • Full Copper construction.
  • Available from 4.5” to 12” diameter.


Tank Level Indicators

Level Indicators

  • Variety of specifications available to suit budget and application.
  • Options include stainless steel and chemical and weather resistant components.
pile of bolts

Replacement Parts

  • Additional panels to increase capacity.
  • Replacement panels and liners.
  • New fixing kits, anchor brackets or additional components.
  • Often available from immediate stock. 
  • Covers can often be retrofitted to existing tanks.
Drip Irrigation in the field


  • Through partnerships with some of the largest irrigation providers across the world, we are able source any number of pumps, valves, filters and other parts at competitive prices.
  • Together with our water tanks, we can provide this equipment for complete irrigation solutions.
  • Available to international customers only. Within the UK we highly recommend KAR UK.
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