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Evenproducts Pillow Tanks
Pillow Tanks

Our Evenproducts Pillow Tanks are robust,

collapsible water storage tanks

Our Pillow Tanks are lightweight and specifically designed for temporary water storage in rugged environments. The Evenproducts Pillow Tanks are manufactured from PVC-coated fabric with an inlet/outlet port carefully positioned at each end of the tank for ease of use.

Pillow tanks are used by humanitarian agencies in an emergency response following a disaster, or for situations where water has to be stored before use. The main advantages of using Pillow Tanks are that they are lightweight to transport, quick to install and easy to relocate. Pillow Tanks are also compact to store, ready to deploy very quickly in an emergency.

Field Installation

Pillow Tanks should be set up on a raised area (higher ground or constructed platform) to allow water flow by gravity through distribution lines to tapstands or directly to jerry cans.

Evenproducts’ Pillow Tanks are supplied with an essential protective geotextile groundsheet which is installed underneath the tank for protection. Shielding from strong sunlight is a good idea too, and can be provided using any lightweight material.

Standard Range

The Evenproducts’ standard Pillow Tank range includes the following nominal capacities; 1500 litres, 5000 litres, 10000 litres and 20000 litres. However, other sizes are available on request.

Good Quality Design and Manufacture from Evenproducts

Evenproducts’ engineers have designed the water tank to meet the needs of field operatives, giving careful thought to how the tank will be transported and used, as well as considering the pressures on field engineers when they are setting up water distribution points in an emergency situation.

European Food grade material (1100 g/m2 weight) is used for construction, as specified by Oxfam and UNICEF. A black layer, sandwiched between layers of the construction material, blocks UV light and protects against algae growth in the stored water.

Each tank is fitted with 2 x 2″ (50mm) high quality glass reinforced polypropylene fittings as standard. Port fittings are firmly welded into the tank with a double-layer of material. This ensures that the port does not break out of the tank wall with use.

Pillow Tanks are fitted with an over-pressure relief valve (grey) and inspection/sampling port with threaded lid (red). The over-pressure relief valve avoids damage to the tank through over-filling with water. The red, lidded port can be used for dosing disinfection chemicals, or inspection.

Corner reinforcements on each Pillow Tank ensure that the water tank does not leak, fixing the end of the high- frequency weld securely. Evenproducts’ Pillow Tanks are welded to a high standard, with thorough quality tests being part of standard manufacturing process.


Over-pressure relief valve and inspection/sampling port?

An over-pressure relief valve andinspection/sampling port

2 off 2” (50mm) PVC threaded inlet/outlet ports?

2 off 2” (50mm) PVC threaded inlet/outlet ports


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