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Self supporting Onion Tanks deliver

an Emergency water supply

Evenproducts’ Onion Tanks are robust, collapsible water tanks designed specifically for the storage of water in rugged environments.

Our Onion Tank is a lightweight drinking water storage tank, manufactured from PVC-coated fabric with one or two outlet ports carefully positioned at each side of the tank for ease of use. Our Onion Tank has an open top and cover for protection. A valise with carrying handles can be supplied if required.

Onion tanks are used by humanitarian agencies in emergency response following a disaster, he main advantages of using Onion Tanks are that they are lightweight to transport, quick to install and easy to relocate. Onion Tanks are also compact to store, ready to deploy very quickly in an emergency. In addition, they are open-topped which allows easy access for cleaning making them suitable for use as settlement tanks for turbid water.

Field Installation

The Onion Tank should be set up on a level, raised area (higher ground or constructed platform) to allow water flow by gravity through distribution lines to tapstands or connected tanks.

Evenproducts’ Onion Tanks are supplied with an essential protective geotextile groundsheet which is installed underneath the tank for protection. Shielding from strong sunlight is also recommended.

Standard Range

The Evenproducts’ standard Onion Tank range includes the following nominal capacities; 5000 litres, 10000 litres, 20000 litres and 30000 litres. However, other sizes are available on request.

Good Quality Design and Manufacture from Evenproducts

Evenproducts’ engineers have designed the water tank to meet the needs of field operatives, giving careful thought to how the tank will be transported and used, as well as considering pressures on field engineers setting up drinking water distribution points in an emergency.
European Food grade material (1100 g/m2 weight) is used for construction, as specified by Oxfam and UNICEF. A black layer, sandwiched between layers of the construction material, blocks UV light and aids protection against algae growth in the stored water.

Each tank is fitted with one or two (depending on size) glass reinforced polypropylene fittings as standard. Port fittings are firmly welded into the tank with a double-layer of material. This ensures that the port does not break out of the tank wall with use.

Note: optional PVC ball valve shown in picture not included as standard
Onion Tanks are fitted with an integral foam floatation ring on the top edge. This device enables the Onion Tank to expand as it is filled and contain the water body without the need for an external rigid structure.

High-frequency welding methods and tried-and-tested seam construction ensure that our Onion Tanks are able to hold a significant weight of water without the worry of seepage and valuable water loss.

PVC threaded inlet/outlet ports?

PVC threaded inlet/outlet ports

Integral foam floatation ring?

Integral foam floatation ring

Onion Tank, ball valves, Guilliman-type couplings?

Onion Tank, ball valves, Guilliman-type couplings

High frequency welding?

High frequency welding


Protective geotextile groundsheet?

Protective geotextile groundsheet

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