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Bladder tanks in a range of sizes are available as a temporary fuel dump for local fuel storage of diesel and jet fuel where permanent structures are not practical or not required. These fuel tanks are easily transportable, extremely strong and safe and easy to erect on flat ground cleared of debris.

The bladder fuel tanks have outlets, valves and vents specially designed for fuel storage and aluminium fittings are supplied as standard. Most fuel tanks require bunds and bund liners which act as a ground sheet. The bund is usually an earth bank, sandbags, pallets or concrete slabs similar to the crash barrier used at roadworks. The main purpose of the bund is to contain small fuel spills during loading or discharge and to protect the tank from accidental collisions. Groundsheets are usually only supplied on request, where the ground surface is extremely poor. All our tanks can be packed ready for export.

Bladder Details

Bladders are rectangular and supplied in dark grey (standard) or black (on request). Sizes range from 5000 to 150,000-liter capacity and reinforced corner mouldings are supplied as standard together with integral tie-down holes. Please get in touch with your requirements.

Bund liners

These are supplied as containment linings for minor spillages during filling, for example, and also manufactured in fully fuel resistant materials. Bund liners line a bund to the height of the full fuel bladder. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements for the bund for your tank.


Groundsheets are approximately 1m larger than the empty bladder tank and are fitted with eyelets to help with pegging down if required. These are not supplied unless requested. Please note that ground preparation is extremely important as ground sheets and bunds cannot protect the tank material from sharp objects, even though the fabric is twice as strong as that used for ordinary water storage tanks.

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