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Water Storage Tanks

THE leading UK manufacturer and supplier to Aid

organisations of water and fuel storage tanks

Globally unrivalled experience in the manufacture of water storage tanks for humanitarian aid. And in the problems specific to refugee camps and emergency water distribution. All of our water storage tanks are simple, strong and tailored to the needs of our partners in their relevant sectors.

Evenproducts water storage tanks can be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual humanitarian aid customer. For example, the standard Oxfam tank build can be modified to include larger outlets or further distribution kits. Tank kits can also be modified to include other sanitation items such as latrines and squatting plates. These can be packed export ready to provide a full camp solution.

A number of liners are available dependent on specification and application. These include scrim re-enforced and drinking quality WRAS approved options. For larger capacity requirements, our standard tanks can also be adapted. These can also be linked, to enable tanks to be taken offline for maintenance and cleaning.

We can also supply water storage tanks specific for development aid. These can be supplied in conjunction with irrigation networks to provide a complete solution. Our water storage tanks can also be adapted for rainwater harvesting. Permeable anti-algae covers can be fitted to let rainfall into the tank. Or simple pipe systems can take rainfall off roofs and gutter systems. Ballcock valves can be fitted to stop tanks overflowing and diverting valuable water to other water storage tanks or solutions. Simple outlet filters can then be fitted to avoid large debris, such as leaves, entering the network. Thus taking advantage of the rainy and monsoon seasons in the developing world.

Our dedicated humanitarian aid team is always on hand to provide suitable advice and guidance. We can work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your project.

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