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Evenflow Water Saver Valves are self-closing taps designed

specifically for use at low water pressures.

Evenflow Water Saver Valve

These taps have been designed by water engineers with hands-on field experience, and have been used repeatedly by customers over many years. Other self-closing taps which rely upon the water pressure to keep them close can drip at low pressures wasting precious water and causing a muddy slip hazard in the surrounding area.

Key features
  • Discharge spout with hose barb
  • Large internal passage to avoid blockages by small stones
  • Reliable spring assisted closing
  • Low maintenance
  • 3/4” BSP F connection
  • Length 80mm, discharge off-take to tap body 75mm
Evenflow Water Saver Valve Output – Operational pressure 0.5 – 8M head
  • 12.0 l/m at 0.5m head

  • 14.6 l/m at 1m head

  • 41.3 l/m at 8m head

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