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Tank to Tap

Evenproducts deliver Emergency Aid Water Kits around

the globe, ready to set up in the field at short notice

One of the biggest challenges in emergency relief situations is to have equipment which is easy to use, reliable and fit for purpose. This means that equipment must be suitable for use in extreme temperatures and rugged conditions.

In emergency situations, provision of clean drinking water is often a priority. But tanks and water storage devices are of no use without good distribution equipment.

Evenproducts specialises in the manufacture and delivery of water storage and distribution equipment. We supply tap stands with 3 and 6 tap heads to work in conjunction with chosen water supply, often a pillow tank, bladder tank or transport bladder tank. We deliver kits ready to assemble, with clear instructions allowing your teams on the ground to get their job done.

Evenproducts deliver Emergency Aid Water Kits around the globe, ready to set up in the field at short notice

We design and manufacture low-cost equipment to help humanitarian agencies save lives in emergency situations. We also partner with other innovative manufacturers to provide emergency equipment.

We supply many standard Oxfam, Unicef and IFRC kits. Further, improve response times by pre-positioning standard kits of your choice.

Water Distribution and Storage Kits – Key advantages
  • Reduce stress – get the right tools for the job
  • Save time and money  – compatible water system connections
  • Work more efficiently – use identical, familiar equipment kits
Drought relief in Africa

In 2011, one of Evenproducts biggest challenges has been to supply the huge amount of water storage and distribution equipment going out to the Horn of Africa to alleviate the drought conditions there which means that so many individuals have found themselves in camps.

Reliance on stored water – and water transported into the area – has put increased pressure on the rapid manufacture of steel water storage tanks and on the making up of kits including various sizes of bladder tanks, tapstand distribution kits and Evenproducts own design of rugged tap – the Evenflow valve.

Goods have been provided into Sudan, Kenya and Somalia – all of the key regions in the struggle to supply water to African communities.


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Evenproducts Tank to Tap?

Evenproducts Tank to Tap

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