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Rapid Response
Rapid Response Facility

We design and manufacture low-cost equipment to help humanitarian

agencies save lives in emergency situations

In 2012 the UK Government Department for International Development (DFID) established a network of humanitarian groups. These are groups that can access funding ‚”within hours” of a major disaster striking, speeding up emergency relief.
This Rapid Response Facility enables approved organisations to mobilise more swiftly in the first three days after a natural disaster. Evenproducts works closely with our partners to make sure equipment is available in this vital window. This first window of 72 hours, is vital, to save as many lives as possible.

Long-Term Agreements ensure that the UK can allocate funds with speed to trusted partners. This ensures high-quality results and provides the best value for money in the event of a humanitarian emergency.

Within this network, and independently through other humanitarian partnerships. Evenproducts is ready to provide assistance for disaster relief operations anywhere in the world.

Rapid Response

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