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Evenproducts Standard Latrines
Standard Latrines

Evenproducts was well placed to see that a

new design of rapid latrine was required

Developing the Standard Latrine

Keeping clean drinking water supplies safe is of paramount importance in disaster situations. Closely linked to this is the need for good, immediately-available latrine facilities in emergencies, so that clean water supplies are not compromised.

Working with WASH

After working alongside the WASH (Water and Sanitation) committees of the major aid organisations, Evenproducts was well placed to see that a new design of rapid latrine was required.

This needed to be robust but light for transportation, easy to clean, have a long life expectancy (whether pre-positioned or shipped straight into the field) and be STn priced.

Additionally, could be used and the units had to be designed, so that they could be rebuilt and dismantled several times, for example in different locations.

Evenproducts worked with its manufacturing partner in China to design a new Evenlatrine which would address all of these challenges, and also be suitable for use in communities with different cultural requirements and preferences. Various early designs were prototyped and rejected

Strong and durable design

The main challenge was to ensure that the cubicle was strong and durable once erected, but light and easy to put together in difficult situations with minimal tools or on-site expertise.

After reviewing the possible options, ultraviolet resistant, corrugated plastic sheets were selected as the best option for the main structure, with lightweight aluminium supporting struts adding durability.

All nuts and bolts and other fittings required are supplied with each kit. Privacy is ensured by using no see-through or translucent materials and by the addition of a door fastening chain. Good internal access is guaranteed by the 0.46-metre opening width of the doors.

Working with Government Agencies and NGOs

Developed and tested in conjunction with a number of Government Agencies and NGOs, the Evenlatrine has been designed to be versatile enough to suit all situations.

They are usually supplied with self-supporting squatting plates, but can also be used as a sitting latrine. They can be used with a dugout pit or alternatively with a waste containment tank.

They are usually supplied in pairs (the ‘Duo’ design) but are also available as singletons for smaller sites. The double cubicle design weighs just 62kg and all designs are supplied packed flat for easy transportation to their place of use.

Evenproducts designed a low cost, lightweight privacy cubicle

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