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Eveproducts Squatting Plate
Squatting Plates

From our innovative engineers'

a truly self-supporting squatting plate.

Evenplate is a lightweight, self-supporting squatting plate with hinged, kick-action keyhole cover and non-slip footplates, dimensions 1200mm x 800mm.
  • Strong and firm underfoot; no additional support required
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and therefore easy-to-clean surface
  • Attached, hinged keyhole cover with kick lip for foot-opening
  • Smooth, strong keyhole cover hinge; easy to keep clean and operational
  • Non-slip foot plates
  • Vector-blocking strip for joining Evenplates over trenches
  • Pour-flush pan accessory option
  • 42 per pallet for sea-freight, 26 for airfreight
Field Installation

Install the Evenplate over a latrine pit or wider trench without the need for additional side-supports. In response to concerns over‚ ‘soft’ or ‘bendy’, squatting plates, Evenproducts took a different approach when designing the Evenplate. We use an industrial flooring material as the base-board which means that the Evenplate has extra strength built in‚ without the extra weight. Each pair of Evenplates is supplied with a vector-blocking strip which joins the two Evenplates. Plates can also be supplied individually.

Good Quality Design and Manufacture from Evenproducts

Evenproducts works with design partner Evensoft to supply simple but effective solutions to emerging issues faced by humanitarian organisations. ‘Easy to fix on site’ and ‘low cost’ are two rules that underpin the Even-approach. The Evenplate was developed in response to concerns about strength and rigidity of other squatting plate solutions.

Constructed from extra-wide, UV-resistant industrial plastic floor panels the Evenplate will span the latrine pit without the need for additional support.

The keyhole has a cover which hinges from the wide-end of the keyhole. The advantage of this is that the cover will rest on the back wall of the privacy cubicle making flipping the cover back in place with the foot easier and therefore more likely. Concerns about hinge fouling are addressed by a smooth hinge design which is easy to clean.


The Evenpan fits to the underside of the Evenplate, and the gooseneck is glued to the pan on site. This allows the main body of the pans to be stacked for shipping.


Evenplates are packed for export in pairs for better protection, in the following ways:

  • Seafreight 42 per pallet
  • Airfreight 26 per pallet

The Evenplate is ideal to use with the following Evenproducts equipment:

  • Evenpan: pour flush adapter
  • Evenlatrine: invest donor money wisely with this double privacy cubicle
  • Evenzip: lightweight pop up latrine cubicle
  • Evenliner:protect collapsible pit walls quickly and at low cost


Evenproducts Squatting Plate

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