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Raised latrine
Raised Latrine

An ingenious substitute for an emergency pit latrine in areas

where digging a pit latrine is not possible or desirable

Such as areas close to flooded zones or urban districts

Following an emergency, provision of sanitation facilities such as a raised latrine is critically important to avoid disease spreading to those people affected. Previously available facilities may not work, or be appropriate, in the aftermath of the disaster. Those people affected may have had to move away from their homes to avoid danger.

The Evenwaste raised latrine comes in a complete kit, ready to set up a latrine facility with two cubicles mounted above a waste collection tank. No local materials are required. Simple components are used to allow substitution if damage occurs after prolonged heavy use.

The Evenwaste is supplied flat-pack; easy to store and transport to where it is needed.

Field Installation

The Evenwaste should be installed on a level, flat area of ground approximately four metres by two metres. Securing anchors are available if required. It can be assembled by two people and requires no special tools. All nuts and bolts required for erection are included.

If a number of Evenwastes are being installed, then consideration should be given to access to emptying before location decisions are made.

Good Quality Design and Manufacture from Evenproducts

Evenproducts works with design partner Evensoft to supply simple but effective solutions to emerging issues faced by humanitarian organisations. Easy to fix on site and low cost to transport are two key design rules that underpin the Even approach. The features of the Evenwaste are designed to overcome some of the problems encountered with similar approaches which have been tried before.

Evenwaste tank

The main structure of the waste tank is circular for maximum strength and lined with a ‚ ‘bladder-type’ liner. The surrounding base structure, in which the tank sits, is fabricated with aluminium angle – (strong and lightweight) and corrugated plastic sheets.

The raised latrine has two sets of steps with handrails at the front which take the user to the top of the waste tank and into the privacy cubicles. The top of the waste tank is covered with a very strong planked flooring material, into which two squatting plates with keyhole covers and footplates have been built. At the rear of the Evenwaste tank, and behind the latrine privacy cubicle, is a lockable hatch to allow access for pumping waste out of the tank.

The cubicles are bolted to the flooring which is bolted to the tank underneath. The cubicles are light and airy with good ventilation. The walls and floor are easy to clean.The cubicle doors open inwards and have an internal locking chain for security. Anchors to secure the structure to the ground can be supplied if required.


Evenproducts Raised Latrine

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