Humanitarian Aid

Decades of working with WASH organisations has given us a deep understanding of the challenges they face and the products they need.

Our humanitarian aid products are simple, strong and easy to install. Our rapid response and reliable delivery explain why we are a trusted partner for NGOs around the world.

Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks in the field

Steel Tanks

  • Traditionally known as Oxfam tanks, Evenproducts water storage tanks have evolved to be the most comprehensive and highest quality in the sector.  
  • With superior steel and PVC roof options, as well as a variety of liners and accessories, we have the most appropriate specifications for multiple applications. 
man interacting with a pillow tank

Pillow Tanks

  • Lightweight and specifically designed for temporary water storage in rugged environments, we carry emergency bladder tanks in stock for our NGO partners.
  • 1,500L to 250,000L.  Food Grade and WRAS variants available.
  • Groundsheets and Repair Kits Included.
  • Bespoke outlet configurations available.

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onion tank in the field

Onion Tanks

  • Robust, collapsible water tanks designed specifically for the storage of water in rugged environments.
  • We can provide these tanks to the specifications of the leading agencies.
distribution kit hoses

Distribution Fittings

  • We are a leading provider of hoses, pipes, and fittings to suit your exact need. 
  • A variety of materials are available including Steel, Brass, PVC and GRN across different types of couplings such as Compression, Electro-fusion, Guillemin, Storz and Camlock.  
  • Food Grade and WRAS variants available.

Taps / Tapstands

  • The Evenproducts “Evenflow” tap has long been the favoured choice of NGOs across the world. 
  • Specifically designed by a WATSAN engineer for low pressure systems.
  • Lightweight, durable and cost effective.


squatting plate

Squatting Plates

  • Lightweight, self-supporting squatting plate with hinged, kick-action keyhole cover and non-slip coating.
  • Handrail, seat and pour-flush accessories.
  • Compliant with UN standards and used worldwide. 
  • Drop tested and weight tested.
standard latrine

Standard Latrines

  • Robust and easy to install.
  • Lightweight for simple transportation.
  • Easy to clean and a long life expectancy.
  • Midweight version available for greater shipment efficiencies.
a row of raised latrines

Raised Latrines

  • Substitute for an emergency pit latrine in areas where digging a pit latrine is not possible or desirable.
  • Standard, midweight and pop-up options available.
pop up latrine

Pop-up Latrines

  • Effective privacy and security in first phase response.
  • Assembled in 15 minutes.
  • Fits on a euro pallet.
pit liner

Pit Liner

  • Simple yet effective.
  • Essential internal pit support where soils are sandy or collapsible.
  • Extendable options for increased depth or width.


drip irrigation

General Irrigation

  • Through partnerships with some of the largest irrigation providers across the world, we are able source any number of pumps, valves, filters and other parts at highly competitive prices.  
  • Together with our water tanks, we can provide equipment for any Humanitarian or Development irrigation project.
  • Available to international customers only. Within the UK we highly recommend KAR UK.
RDI growstream in the field

RDI Growstream®

  • Evenproducts is the exclusive partner for RDI Growstream® to the NGO sector. 
  • Winner of the 2021 Aidex Innovation Award.
  • This revolutionary type of irrigation is currently being trialled across the world.

Interested in becoming a strategic partner to support development projects in your country? We’re widening our network of Evenproducts Approved Distributors.

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