Our Quality

We have been building our manufacturing expertise for decades; investing in our production and developing our processes. We have the highest standards of quality control.

As a manufacturer, product quality is essential to us.  Together with a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability, we ensure our equipment is designed and delivered in line with leading accreditation.

  • BSEN1090 UKCA and CE Mark (including welded components). 
  • All our steel is traceable and our records are held on file to be able to demonstrate such traceability as and when required.  We test and verify all base materials to ensure conformity to our standards. 
  • WRAS Approval 2007053 for use with UK mains systems (non-wholesome).
  • ISO9001 for both Design and Production.
  • ISO14001.
  • Our steel production is inclusive of carbon offset and our tanks are routinely used to help other businesses achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Our class-leading steel covers are compliant with 1999/03 Water Supply Regulations relating to necessary air gaps and backfilling risks.
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